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Traps are placed in trap rooms and trigger when the heroes enter them. Traps can deal damage, apply debuffs to the heroes, or apply buffs to the monsters in the next room.

List of traps[edit | edit source]

Common[edit | edit source]

Name Image Type Target Description
Ballista Debuff Area Physical damage. Applies Broken Armor.
Bone Catapult Morale Area Morale damage. Applies Demoralized.
Circular Saw Damage Area Physical damage. Applies Bleeding.
Cursed Prism Debuff Area Applies Elemental Weakness (3). Reduce Resistance by 20 (Flat)
Electrical Coil Debuff Area Air damage. Applies Air Weakness.
Flying Dagger Damage Front Physical damage. Applies Bleeding.
Furnace Damage Area Fire damage. Applies Burn.
Icy Breeze Debuff Area 10 Ice damage. Applies Ice Weakness (3). Ice resistance reduced by 20 (Flat)
Mortar Damage Back Fire damage. Applies Burn.
Oil Cauldron Debuff Area Fire damage. Applies Fire Weakness.
Pandora's Box Debuff Area Stacks of all Penalties applied to heroes increased.
Pile of Bones Morale Front Morale damage. Jumps to the hero positioned behind the target if the target is affected by Demoralized.
Poison Cloud Damage Area 10 Nature damage. Applies Poison (2) . 10 Damage on next turn (DOT)
Poison Dart Damage Front Nature damage. Applies Poison.
Poisonous Plant Debuff Area Nature damage. Applies Nature Weakness.
Rallying Horn Buff Area Morale damage. Applies Enraged to the next group of monsters.

Rare[edit | edit source]

Name Image Type Target Description
Gruesome Surprise Morale Front Morale damage. Applies Terrified.
Lure Buff Area Morale damage. Applies Multiaction to the next trap.
Mouth Shutter Debuff Area Morale damage. Applies Silence.