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The dungeon is the main setting for every battle. It and its treasure must be defended from the invading heroes.

Dungeon layout[edit | edit source]

Dungeons consist of multiple rooms, each with a different purpose of dealing with heroes. The order of each room (Other than the Master's) is completely random.

  • 2 Monster rooms - up to 3 monsters can be placed in each room.
  • 2 Trap rooms - each room can have a single trap to attack heroes as they progress through.
  • 1 spell room - the master can cast a spell to attack heroes or enhance the next specified room.
  • 1 Master room - where the dungeon master waits to battle the (remaining) heroes. The game ends if the master dies.

Additional rooms can be unlocked after meeting certain criteria:

  • Disaster room - Dungeon exclusive spell room. Reach Week 29 when the first Champion tier battle can be chosen.
  • Fountain of Youth/Campfire/Altar - Recovery room for heroes that heals 30% Life, 30% Morale and 2 penalties with the highest stack respectively. One of these will appear after finishing Year 1.
  • Extra Monster room - Finish Year 1 with Slaveholder.
  • Extra Spell room - Finish Year 1 with Enchantress.

List of dungeons[edit | edit source]

The dungeons control the aesthetic of the run and what Disasters are available for the Keeper to take advantage of.

Stronghold[edit | edit source]

Only the Slaveholder can host this type of dungeon.

Disaster room spells:

  • Swarm of Bats: 30 Physical Damage. Applies Bleeding (3).
  • Goblin Horde: 15 Morale. Applies Demoralised (2).
  • Heat Wave: 30 Fire Damage. Applies Fire Weakness (4).

Frozen caves[edit | edit source]

All masters can host this type dungeon.

Disaster room spells:

  • Stalactite Falls: 30 Physical Damage. Applies Frostbite (3).
  • Snow Balls: 50 Ice Damage. Applies Easy Target (2).
  • Blizzard: 10 Ice Damage. Applies Slowed (2).

Aztec ruins[edit | edit source]

Only the Enchantress can host this type of dungeon.

Disaster room spells:

  • Tropical Flood: 10 Morale. Applies Slowed (3).
  • Pollen Cloud: 20 Nature Damage. Applies Nature Weakness (4).
  • Swarm of Mosquitoes: 30 Nature Damage. Applies Poison (2).