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The Agenda is the primary "management" section of Legend of Keepers. The agenda advances a week at a time, and each week will offer 1-3 choices for the player to pick from for that week, such as visiting a merchant, hiring new employees, or getting random events. From this screen the player can also view their employees and traps, and swap out which ones are active.

Adventurers[edit | edit source]

This means that heroes are visiting this week and the dungeon must be defended.

During this week the player can choose the difficulty and dungeon type to be fought in. 'Adventurers' is the standard difficulty while 'Veterans' have slightly tougher heroes with a higher level and may have additional passive abilities, but offers better rewards

Champion[edit | edit source]

Champion Stronghold.png

"A band of adventurers led by a Champion are on their way to attack a Dungeons Company property! Defend it at all costs!"

The highest difficulty which can be fought twice during year 1 (Halfway and at the end) and appear more frequently during year 2. There is always one Champion tier hero in the party, who are stronger in terms of power and attributes. Gold earned after defending the dungeon is much higher and offer a better selection of rewards such as rare monsters, traps and master upgrades.

Alchemist[edit | edit source]

Alchemist Icon.png

"Transmute blood, tears, or gold into another resource."


Resources can be exchanged for another type of resource at a fixed ratio.

  • 15 Tears > 10 Blood
  • 15 Blood > 10 Tears
  • 10 Blood + 10 Tears > 75 Gold

Black market[edit | edit source]

Black Market Icon.png

"Sell monsters in garrison that are no longer useful to you. Unavailable or injured monsters are less valuable."

Black Market.png

Monsters stationed in the garrison can be sold for a certain amount of gold. Higher level will increase their value while having low motivation and/or being rendered unavailable (Due to events) will decrease their value.

Business trip[edit | edit source]

Business Trip Icon.png

"Choose an employee to protect the Sales Department during a business trip."

Business Trip.png

Of three randomly selected active monsters, one can be selected to accompany the sales department. Each monster will be accompanied by a time they will be gone for, a gold reward, and a secondary reward such as motivation, blood, or an artefact.

Collectors[edit | edit source]

Collectors Icon.png

"Some tax officials have come to collect. Good job they drink blood."


Tax collectors can be paid through various options.

  • Refuse: -50 Gold
  • Accept: +200 Gold, Master loses health equal to 20% of max Life
  • Pay: +200 Gold, -25 Blood

Choosing the 2nd option while having less than 20% of max Life will kill the Master and end the game.

Course[edit | edit source]

Course Icon.png

"An opportunity to send one of your employees to an intensive training course."


A random active monster will be selected. The player is then presented with the choice of ignoring the offer, or paying the large gold cost and losing the monster for several weeks for them to gain 2 levels.

Doctor[edit | edit source]

Doctor Icon.png

"Stick out your tongue and say "Ahh!"."


While the Master's Life is not full, they will be healed up to a certain amount of health equal to 10% of their max Life. Nothing happens when the Master's Life is full.

Engineer[edit | edit source]

Engineer Event Icon.png

"Spend some gold to upgrade your active traps."

Engineer Event.png

All active traps can be upgraded once up to level 4, improving their damage or status duration. Higher levels require slightly more gold than the previous level.

Merchant[edit | edit source]

Merchant Icon.png

"Buy a monster or trap from this unscrupulous merchant."

A random selection of 2 monsters and 1 trap can be purchased. The merchant inventory can be refreshed for a small amount of gold which gets more expensive the more you refresh the shop.

Monsters and traps bought will always be level 1, or level 2 during year 2.

Plunder[edit | edit source]

Plunder Icon.png

A group of 3 random monsters will partake in the raid. Plundering a location offers some gold and/or motivation along with a (chance of) bonus reward if available such as an artefact, monster or dungeon bonus effect. However each location always has a chance of causing a penalty; most may injure one or all of the participants, and some may cause a dungeon penalty for the next dungeon defence for all monsters.

Sanctuary[edit | edit source]

Sanctuary Icon.png

"A ceremony as gloomy as it should. Just to make the adventurers' life worse."


Spend resources to gain a temporary penalty for heroes during battle. All penalties last for 30 weeks and there are no restrictions to how many player can have.

Seminar[edit | edit source]

Seminar Icon.png

"An outing amongst colleagues is always a joy. We are only not human!"


Spend resources to gain a temporary bonus for your monsters during battle. Like Sanctuary, all bonuses last for 30 weeks and there are no restrictions to how many the player can have. Alternatively, if available, a motivation session can be purchased to restore all monsters' motivation.

Only 1 bonus can be invested from a random selection of 3 at a time.

  • Human Hunt: Enraged (3) to all monsters at the start of a battle, providing a 30% increase in power.
  • Magic Initiation: Enhanced Resistance (2) to all monsters at the start of a battle, providing 20% more elemental resistances
  • Metallurgy Workshop: Enhanced Armor (2) to all monsters at the start of a battle, providing 40% more Armor
  • Morning Jogging: Enhanced Speed (2) to all monsters at the start of a battle, providing 40 more Speed
  • Occult Rite: Flame Spirit (2) to all monsters at the start of a battle, causing burn on hit with all attacks
  • Self-Serve Buffet: +2 motivation to all available monsters

Siege[edit | edit source]




Traps can be rented off from you for 8 weeks in exchange for some gold. The event offers 3 choices; a choice to sell 1 random trap or sell 2 random traps for more gold in the other 2 choices.

This event cannot be skipped without making a choice.

Therapist[edit | edit source]

Therapist Icon.png

"An employee morale review, done by a specialist."


All available monster's motivation will be restored by 1 point. More motivation can be restored using various payments.

  • Extend: -150 gold, +2 motivation for all available monsters
  • Extend: -15 tears, +2 motivation for all available monsters
  • Thank: +1 motivation for all available monsters

Trainer[edit | edit source]

Trainer Icon.png

"Spend some gold to upgrade your active monsters."


All active monsters can be upgraded once up to level 5, improving their skills and/or attributes. Higher levels require slightly more gold than the previous level.

Workout[edit | edit source]

Workout Icon.png

"Some intensive sessions at the gym. A master has to stay fit!"


The Master's attributes can be improved in exchange for blood or tears.

A random selection of 3 upgrades can be invested at a time.

  • Weights: +10% Power
  • Rings: +10% Life
  • Skipping Rope: +5% Life, -20 tears
  • Yoga: +2 weekly Life regeneration, -20 blood
  • Sprint: +10 speed, -40 tears
  • Sauna: +5 resistance,
  • Self-flagellation: +10 armor, -35 blodd

Event[edit | edit source]

Event Icon.png

"Deal with office troubles and the business work environment, for better or for worse."

There is a large pool of possible events, one of which is randomly selected when choosing this option. Events can be positive, negative, or a mixture of both.

Employee events[edit | edit source]

Name Image Description Choices
Bloodthirsty coach Blood Thirsty Coach.png Some kind of ogre pretending to be a monster trainer offers you his services in exchange for some fresh blood.

(NOTE: Either one or two monsters can be offered to be trained)

(A) Accept:

  • Increase a random monster's level by 1 for 20 Blood

(B) Accept:

  • Increase two random monster's level by 1 for 35 Blood


  • Nothing happens.
Employee brawl Employee Brawl.png Two of your employees have been caught red-handed brawling like two elves for a hairbrush. Will you be tough and suspend them for 5 weeks or threaten them with a pay cut to be sure it won't happen again?


  • 2 random monsters involved will be unavailable for 5 weeks.


  • Nothing happens, may trigger Revenge event later on.


  • 2 random monsters involved will lose 2 motivation.
Revenge Revenge.png One of your employees was found dead this morning, but it's been too long for them to be reanimated. It must be some kind of retaliation after the brawl that occurred previously.

(Requirements: Choose 'Ignore' during 'Employee Brawl')


  • One of the two monsters previously involved in the event will be killed.
Thigh supplier Thigh Supplier.png A supplier is offering you some human thighs to feed your employees at a discount price. It would greatly reduce your feeding expenses and you know that the management would grant you a sweet salary bonus.


  • Gain a large amount of gold (Based on deployed monsters), may trigger Food Poisoning event later on.


  • Nothing happens, may come back later.
Food poisoning Food Poisoning.png Some employees ate rotten human thighs at the canteen and got food poisoning. There is a solution to heal them, but it's prohibitively expensive.

(Requirements: Choose 'Accept' during 'Thigh Supplier')


  • Lose a large amount of gold


  • Some monsters will be unavailable for 8 weeks.
Garbage chute Garbage Chute.png The workers' union has made a request: an anonymous suggestions box for the employees. Even if they can't write, this simple gesture will boost morale. They don't need to know that the suggestions box will empty straight into the trash.


  • Nothing happens.


  • +1 motivation for all monsters, -150 gold
Journeyman trainer Journeyman Trainer.png By chance, you meet a tamer travelling through the region and looking for some work. This traveller offers to train one of your employees at half price!


  • Random monster gains a level, lose gold (Varies)


  • Nothing happens
Office tour Office Tour.png While walking through the corridors, you notice a monster waiting for a job interview. You could hire the candidate right now without intermediaries.


  • Buy random monster with gold


  • Nothing happens.
New talent New Talent.png A headhunter is here to show you a promising monster he has spotted on the job market. Do you want to recruit it?


  • Buy random monster with gold (Varies, may have a rare monster for sale)


  • Nothing happens, may trigger Spiteful Headhunter event later on.
Spiteful headhunter Spiteful Headhunter.png The headhunter has a bone to pick with you. He has managed to poach one of your monsters for Castle First, one of your competitors. Do you want to outbid?

(Requirements: Reject the headhunter multiple times during 'New talent')


  •  ?


  •  ?
Potion of evolution Potion of Evolution.png An employee found a strange flask in a broom closet and drank it all in one gulp! Don't expect to see a growth in intelligence, as the employee seems to have gained muscular mass.


  • A random monster will have their level increased by 1.
Public holiday Public Holiday.png In memory of the great victory of the Sunset Tundra clans over the realm of Gnawbumpkin, today is a public holiday. Your employees get a well-deserved day-off.


  • +1 Motivation for all available monsters
Recycling Recycling.png The walk-in fridge is full of bodies. The Doctor could resurrect a fresh human and transform it into an employee in exchange for a little blood.


  • Gain a random monster, -20 Blood,


  • Nothing happens
Strike Strike.png Some of your employees have started a strike. They are asking for a risk premium and are threatening to carry on for 3 weeks if they don't get what they want.


  • Employees involved will be unavailable for 3 weeks


  • Lose Gold (Varies)

Resource events[edit | edit source]

Name Image Description Choices
Icarus Icarus.png A wizard with a strange hat has fallen from the sky and landed in the entrance hall. He was carrying a magical Artefact



  • Nothing happens
Lost adventurer Lost Adventurer.png While wandering around in the corridors this morning, you come face-to-face with a human. He seems as surprised as you are. What are you going to do?


  • +20 Blood


  • +20 Tears


  • +175 Gold
Lucky me! Lucky Me.png You placed a bet on a boar-racing game during lunch break. The one you chose finished first, and you won the jackpot!


  • +300 Gold
Professional mourner Professional Mourner.png A banshee has offered her crying services for a very reasonable price.


  • +15 Tears, -150 Gold


  • Nothing happens
Stocktake Stocktake.png It is high time to go through the stock room. During the cleaning one of your employees found this strange object.


  • Nothing happens.


The collector The Collector.png An enthusiast has tracked an Artefact to you and would like to buy it for a very attractive price.


  • Sell a random artefact for 225/625/1025 gold (Based on artefact level)


  • Nothing happens, may come back later

Research department events[edit | edit source]

Name Image Description Choices
Additional budget Additional Budget.png The lab assistant bought some brand new equipment without asking for permission. On top of that, he's now asking for further funds that were not planned in the initial budget.


  • Nothing happens, lose R&D favour


  • -300 gold, gain R&D favour
Armchair alchemist Armchair Alchemist.png You have caught the lab assistant with one of your Artefacts, ready to try a transmutation. Of course, he hasn't asked for your permission and you can see a book next to him entitled: "Alchemy For Dummies".


  • Nothing happens, lose R&D favour


  • Transform random artefact into another random artefact.
Hero decanter Hero Decanter.png The R&D director has created a centrifuge that can transform hero blood into tears. Do you want to use it?


  • Nothing happens.


  • -15 blood, +30 tears
Innovation Innovation.png The R&D manager has developed a new trap and seems to be very proud of it. He wants to secretly sell it to you for a few gold coins. If you refuse there is a chance he might take it very badly


  • Buy trap for a small amount of gold, gain R&D favour


  • Nothing happens, lose R&D favour
Sorcerer's Apprentice Sorcerers Apprentice.png The lab assistant is about to make some modifications to one of your traps. You know that he is always messing up and that the trap will be unusable. Fixing it will take 5 weeks.


  • Random trap will be unavailable for 5 weeks, lose R&D favour


  • Random trap will be unavailable for 5 weeks, gain R&D favour
Understaffing Understaffing.png The R&D manager needs a guinea pig to test a new trap. He is asking you to provide him with one of your employees in exchange for some gold.


  • Lose the randomly chosen monster, gain gold, may trigger Conclusive tests later.


  • Nothing happens.
Conclusive tests Conclusive Tests.png Thanks to the guinea-pig that you provided, who is surprisingly still alive, the R&D manager has been able to finalise his new trap. You can buy it to encourage him or choose to completely ignore him.

(Requirements: Choose 'Accept' during 'Understaffing')


  • Buy trap for a small amount of gold, gain back previously borrowed monster.


  • Nothing happens other than gaining back the previously borrowed monster.
Low blow Low Blow.png It seems that the R&D manager doesn't like you. He is trying to requisition one of your traps for his experiments by threatening to complain to the management.

(Requirements: Make enough negative choices during R&D events)

  •  ?
  •  ?
Eureka! Eureka.png The lab assistant accidentally made a fantastic discovery! This is very unlikely to happen again anytime soon...

(Requirements: Make enough positive choices during R&D events)


  •  ?
Selfless favour Selfless Favour.png The R&D manager used his new invention to upgrade one of your Artefacts. For free. Just because he likes you.

(Requirements: Make enough positive choices during R&D events)


  • A random artefact will be upgraded by 1 level.

Miscellaneous events[edit | edit source]

Name Image Description Choices
Broken trap Broken Trap.png Due to a lack of maintenance, one of your traps didn't pass the last mandatory checkup. You can call a repairer to come at your expense, or send it for 5 weeks to the technical department who will fix it for free.


  • Lose gold (Based on trap and its level)


  • Trap will be unavailable for 5 weeks
Independent herbalist Independent Herbalist.png A healer is offering their services for an exorbitant amount of gold.

(Requirements: Master must have below 60% of max Life.)


  • Master is healed based on ?% of max Life, lose gold.


  • Nothing happens
Work accident Work Accident.png An employee has spilled a burning hot drink on you in front of the Blood-fay machine. Puck my life.

Insult: Master loses health equal to 10% of max Life, may end the game if the Master's life if under 10% of max Life.